Gaza's Undrinkable Water

Please take a moment to watch this important video on the ongoing water crisis in Gaza caused by the Israeli blockade.  This video from Rakan Abed El Rahman was published by the Middle East Eye on March 5, 2020.

Travels through Gaza

Over the last twelve years I have traversed this path into Gaza at least once each year, often more frequently, and I have watched as the rubble that remained after Israel destroyed the Erez industrial zone has disappeared into the surrounding landscape, ground down by tanks during multiple invasions and grown over by weeds.

Leaving for Life

Two years ago I interviewed Samar Zaanin in Gaza. Samar, then 24, worked as an English teacher in a United National Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) school in Gaza.

Join AFSC in DC, September 7 & 8

Join us in Washington, DC! We are looking forward to a discussion about Gaza and advocacy efforts during the upcoming gathering in Washington, DC “Preparing for 2020: Advocating for Rights, Justice & Freedom” planned for Saturday, September 7 and Sunday, September 8.

From Brooklyn to Chicago: Actions in Support of Palestinian Rights in Gaza

From Brooklyn to Chicago, supporters of Palestinian rights organized actions in solidarity with besieged Palestinians in the Gaza Strip this month. This summer marks five years since the 2014 Israeli attack on Gaza and 12 years since the imposition of the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

#Chicago4Gaza - 3 Days of Action

Marking five years since the Israeli army assaults on Gaza resulted in widespread death and destruction, Chicago activists are planning three days of action to highlight the ongoing blockade and Israeli military occupation of Gaza.

#GazaMarchTour: Media Highlights

AFSC's #GazaMarchTour, featuring Palestinian writer and peace activist Ahmed Abu Artema, came to an end in the last week of March. Yet Ahmed's tour of more than ten cities in the United States, left significant footprints in all the places he visited.

March 30 Day of Action

March 30 marks the first anniversary of the start of the Great March of Return. Please join us in action on March 30 by organizing an event in your community. 

Gaza March Tour: An Interview with Ahmed Abu Artema

Ahmed Abu Artema is the Palestinian writer, refugee, nonviolent advocate, and visionary who inspired the Great March of Return. In March, he will share his experiences with people in cities across the U.S. as part of the AFSC speaking tour “Hashtags to headlines: How the Gaza Great March of Return challenged the world.”

Ahmed Abu Artema featured in Al Jazeera documentary, "Gaza: Betweeen Fire and Sea."

Who is Ahmed Abu Artema?

Ahmed Abu Artema is a Palestinian writer and activist who believes in civil nonviolent struggle to achieve justice, freedom, and equality.

Rahf Hallaq receives her award at the Gaza AFSC office.

Winning Essay "The Party"

“There’s going to be a party tonight!” It’s 12 a.m. The entire house had gone to sleep and I’m sitting lazily on my desk studying, trying my best to ignore the infuriating buzz of the drones roaming above my head...

Nadya Siyam receives award at AFSC office in Gaza.

Winning Essay "30 Minutes... A Thousand Times Over"

"At times of war you become extra alarmed. You become a navigator as you try to predict how far each bombing is from your house and who of your beloved lives near the area you’ve predicted. And when you’re done with your calculations, you pray you were wrong..."

Gaza writer Tarneem Hammad receives award at the Gaza AFSC office.

Winning Essay "Dear Blockade"

"Dear Blockade, I was 14 when I first met you. You never asked me to be friends, you just took over my life. You grew as I grew. I'm writing to you because you're a part of my life..."