Light in Gaza Study Guide

The document is a study guide designed to help generate discussions about the blockade of Gaza and the writings included in AFSC's book - Light in Gaza: Writings Born of Fire. This guide can be used by individuals or groups as you read the book and consider the contributions by the anthology authors.

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The Gaza Blockade

For over 15 years, the people of Gaza have lived under an Israeli-imposed blockade that severely limits travel, trade, and everyday life for its 2 million residents.


Education Under the Blockade

The blockade has had a devastating impact on students of all ages in Gaza. Each year, thousands of college-age students are effectively barred from finishing their education because they are denied permission to leave Gaza to study in the West Bank or elsewhere.

Staff delegation to Israel-Palestine. Photo: RYANRODRICKBEILER.COM

Restriction of movement

Israel has controlled the movement of people and goods into and out of Gaza for decades, but since the imposition of the blockade in 2006, restrictions have been severely tightened.

The Israeli-controlled Erez Crossing, located on the northern edge of the Israeli-built wall around Gaza, is the only crossing through which civilians can travel between Gaza and Israel. At the start of the Second Intifada, or Palestinian uprising, in 2000, around 26,000 people were allowed to leave Gaza each day via the Erez crossing.


The Gaza Housing and Building Crisis

Faced with rapid population growth and approximately 50% of its population under 18 years of age, Gaza is in constant need of new housing. But since imposing the blockade in 2006, Israel has blocked the importation of materials needed to construct homes, creating a housing and building crisis.

Shuja'iyya, 2015

U.S. corporations complicit in military attacks on Gaza

The following is a list of corporations complicit in the May 2021 attacks on Gaza. If you are interested in organizing economic activism campaigns in response to the attacks, these are companies to target.

Send Love to Gaza

Download the sign and share it online on Valentine's Day, February 14th. Don't forget to use #ValentineToGaza and #GazaUnlocked.

Lift Up Voices From Gaza

We need your help to further their message.

AFSC has partnered with an organization called Al-Wedad in Gaza, who have organized a group of young Gazans to share tweets, videos, memes, gifs and other messages over social media between 12:15pm and 2:15pm EST on Tuesday, July 18. Their goal is to give voice to people in Gaza, focusing on the impacts of the blockade on everyday life. Our goal is to help those messages be heard here in the U.S.


Health care jeopardized in Gaza

The fuel and electricity crisis in Gaza impacts every individual and service provider in Gaza, but none more vital than the health sector.