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Goals for Gaza

Show your solidarity with #GoalsForGaza

Palestinian children and young adults have long found joy and solace in playing soccer and following international soccer clubs, but over the past 6 months, Israeli bombs and attacks on Gaza have shattered communities, displacing, disabling, and orphaning many young players.  

In solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, several teams around the world held or are holding matches, raising money for humanitarian aid and advocating for the rights and well-being of Palestinian children and communities. 

Kites for Gaza

In 2011, more than 12,000 children in Gaza flew kites on the beach, setting a new world record for most kites flown simultaneously. Devastatingly, more children have been killed in the first five months of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza than flew kites in 2011.

6 ways you can support Palestinians in Gaza

Many people of conscience are looking for ways to support Palestinians in Gaza as violence continues to escalate. On Oct. 7, a Hamas-led attack on Israel killed at least 1,200 Israelis and took an estimated 200 hostages. Israel immediately launched attacks on Gaza. After months of bombardment, Israeli attacks have killed more than 37,000 Palestinians in Gaza and displaced nearly 2 million from their homes.

Donate to support Gaza emergency response

Mounting violence has created a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where many have been displaced. More than two million people are cut off with no clean water, electricity, or other basic needs. 

Your emergency donation is urgently needed today to bring humanitarian relief and support ongoing efforts to stop the violence, address its root causes, and build conditions for peace.

Past Actions

Shuja'iyya, 2015

U.S. corporations complicit in military attacks on Gaza

The following is a list of corporations complicit in the May 2021 attacks on Gaza. If you are interested in organizing economic activism campaigns in response to the attacks, these are companies to target.

Send Love to Gaza

Download the sign and share it online on Valentine's Day, February 14th. Don't forget to use #ValentineToGaza and #GazaUnlocked.

Lift Up Voices From Gaza

We need your help to further their message.

AFSC has partnered with an organization called Al-Wedad in Gaza, who have organized a group of young Gazans to share tweets, videos, memes, gifs and other messages over social media between 12:15pm and 2:15pm EST on Tuesday, July 18. Their goal is to give voice to people in Gaza, focusing on the impacts of the blockade on everyday life. Our goal is to help those messages be heard here in the U.S.