#GazaMarchTour: Media Highlights

AFSC's #GazaMarchTour, featuring Palestinian writer and peace activist Ahmed Abu Artema, came to an end in the last week of March. Yet Ahmed's tour of more than ten cities in the United States, left significant footprints in all the places he visited.

March 30 Day of Action

March 30 marks the first anniversary of the start of the Great March of Return. Please join us in action on March 30 by organizing an event in your community. 

Gaza March Tour: An Interview with Ahmed Abu Artema

Ahmed Abu Artema is the Palestinian writer, refugee, nonviolent advocate, and visionary who inspired the Great March of Return. In March, he will share his experiences with people in cities across the U.S. as part of the AFSC speaking tour “Hashtags to headlines: How the Gaza Great March of Return challenged the world.”

Ahmed Abu Artema featured in Al Jazeera documentary, "Gaza: Betweeen Fire and Sea."

Who is Ahmed Abu Artema?

Ahmed Abu Artema is a Palestinian writer and activist who believes in civil nonviolent struggle to achieve justice, freedom, and equality.

Cover of new report by Hamushim and the Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel.

Gaza: A Lab and Showroom

This week the "Hamushim" a joint program of AFSC and the Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel published a new report titled "A Lab and a Showroom" on the Israeli military's use of new weapons against protesters in Gaza. 

Risking life to save life

During the Great Return March, university student Muawiya Alai volunteered with a Palestinian Red Crescent medical team providing assistance to those injured during the protests. While in the field and wearing his medical uniform, Muawiya and a colleague were shot by Israeli snipers.