A Day in Gaza

During my visit to Israel and Palestine earlier this month I was able to spend five and a half hours in Gaza.  I intended to spend several days visiting AFSC’s staff and partners in Gaza but the Israeli military didn’t approve the permits I required to enter Gaza until the day before I was scheduled to return to the United States.

My Life Under Blockade Essay Contest

Call for Submissions: The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is pleased to announce the “My Life Under Blockade Essay Contest.

Photo from Independent story on Fatima Abu Shedeg and her dreams to be an Olympic swimmer.

Swimmer's Olympic Dreams

The Independent ran a story a few days ago by their Middle East correspondent Bel Trew about a Palestinian girl in Gaza, 13 year old Fatima Abu Shedeg, who dreams of going to the Olympics in 2020.

US Special Representative Jason Greenblatt, Ambassador David Friedman, and Jared Kushner meet with Netanyahu.

US Mendacity on Gaza

On July 19th the Washington Post gave US Special Representative Jason Greenblatt, Jared Kushner, and Ambassador to Israel David Friedman room to write about Gaza. Their article is one of the clearest examples of why the US cannot lead peace negotiations between Palestinian and Israelis and how dishonesty is a hallmark of US Israel-Palestine policy under the Trump Administration.

Farmers in Gaza: Risking life to survive

Since at least 2007 Israel has imposed a military no-go zone along the boundary between Israel and Gaza which extends up to one and a half kilometers into Gaza.  Anyone entering this no-go zone can be shot by the Israeli military.  

Risking life to save life

During the Great Return March, university student Muawiya Alai volunteered with a Palestinian Red Crescent medical team providing assistance to those injured during the protests. While in the field and wearing his medical uniform, Muawiya and a colleague were shot by Israeli snipers.

Tweet by Senator Sanders on Gaza.

#MakingHistory: US Senator Bernie Sanders features Palestinian voices in Gaza in recent video

In recent social media post, US Senator Bernie Sanders posted a video featuring the voices of Palestinians from Gaza. In the video entitled “Palestinians describe life in Gaza,” five Palestinians talked about their experiences living under the decade-long Israeli blockade. “The voices of the Palestinians are rarely heard,” the caption stated on the Senator’s various social media accounts.

US Congressional Briefing on Gaza held by Faith Forum

Sponsored by the Faith Forum on Middle East Policy, a network of Christian denominations and organizations working for a just peace in the Middle East, a Congressional briefing was held to discuss the implications of U.S. policy on the ground in Gaza and in Israel and the surrounding area and hear about constructive ways security and economic concerns can be addressed.