Ahmed Abu Artema featured in Al Jazeera documentary, "Gaza: Betweeen Fire and Sea."

Who is Ahmed Abu Artema?

Ahmed Abu Artema is a Palestinian writer and activist who believes in civil nonviolent struggle to achieve justice, freedom, and equality.

A Day in Gaza

During my visit to Israel and Palestine earlier this month I was able to spend five and a half hours in Gaza.  I intended to spend several days visiting AFSC’s staff and partners in Gaza but the Israeli military didn’t approve the permits I required to enter Gaza until the day before I was scheduled to return to the United States.

Shorouq Hajjar - Being human means serving others

On June 1st, 2018 Palestinian medic Razan Najjar was shot and killed by Israeli snipers while providing assistance to Palestinians injured during nonviolent Palestinian protests near the Gaza fence in Khan Younis.  Razan was wearing a uniform that clearly identified her as a medic when she was shot.

Risking life to save life

During the Great Return March, university student Muawiya Alai volunteered with a Palestinian Red Crescent medical team providing assistance to those injured during the protests. While in the field and wearing his medical uniform, Muawiya and a colleague were shot by Israeli snipers.